Some Forbrydelse that was

I’ve been going round muttering ‘The Mousetrap’ to myself for some time now. There’s been this feeling that it’s downright weird that no one has given the game away in The Killing. It’s not as if BBC4 had a world premiere or anything. It’s been shown elsewhere and you could buy the DVD if you wanted to. Without the subtitles, maybe, but if you’re keen enough you take a crash course in Danish.

So, a bit reminiscent of the silence you are sworn to at the end of The Mousetrap. There’s another coincidence, but we won’t go into that.

Now we know who did it. At the end I’d have been half surprised and half not, no matter who it was. And it seems as if there was more than one who-did-it as well. It was a crime at many levels, and many people did things they mustn’t be proud of.

And what was the BBC4 continuity announcer thinking, suggesting that we stay with them when we got to the break at ten o’clock? I doubt that anyone in their right minds would get up and leave, feeling they’d had enough at that point.

I was quite worried about the end, seeing as my trusted, regular commenter on here had warned me about feeling bad. Yes, it was disheartening in some sense, but it’s the way I look at the world most of the time, cynic that I am.

And rest assured, just like my awkward French waiter only spoke English when it suited him, so it goes with the rest of the world, too. After all, how can anyone not speak English?

The club of those who won’t be returning to The Killing next time grows. Selvfølgelig.

3 responses to “Some Forbrydelse that was

  1. Interesting. I avoided spoilers out of politeness, but I didn’t think there was some sort of club! Mind you, I’ve dropped in on the Guardian blog now and then (no posting), and the level of obsession there is slightly scary. As is the bemusement that something “furrin” could be interesting.

    I just found the ending really depressing, partly because I couldn’t believe he’d shoot (and I really thought Lund was dead – I suppose I thought they wouldn’t go for the “cheap” bulletproof vest trick), and because I like my crime to have a little smidgin of hope. No-one had any hope of redemption here – not the politicians, the cops, the troops, or their families. Erk.

  2. But it’s just strange that no one said anything. With Harry Potter some idiot put a banner on the motorway to say that Dumbledore died. I’m even surprised I didn’t accidentally on purpose look up the plot myself.
    Contrary how it was for you, I knew about season three, so assumed she couldn’t die. If I were to be her next partner, I’d be seriously worried.

  3. I found someone new to The Killing just now. Interesting to see how people think they have the will to watch slowly.

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