iTunes alone?

It didn’t come as a surprise that I should miss Offspring, now that both have flown the proverbial witch’s nest. But it’s the little practical aspects that are inconvenient. Like finding the Christmas music on the iPod. I know it’s there. It’s just a case of finding it. I felt quite brave the other day, and went ahead all on my own and I do seem to have unearthed my seasonal entertainment.

Haven’t dared try the laptop yet, so I’m half on and half off the festive music. But then the weather isn’t putting me in a Christmassy mood, so it could be for the best. It’s Advent, which is my permitted starting date, although it doesn’t feel like it.

I always have to begin with the three tenors. It’s a mild sort of beginning, and I love that album. I have bought Christmas CDs in fits and starts over the years. Not sure what possessed me fourteen years ago, waiting for the plane home at Copenhagen airport, after Mother-of-witch had died. Maybe it was diminished brain power that had me pop into the shop and exit with a John Denver Christmas CD, and the Smurfs in Danish.

The latter is just as interesting as you’d think. But it’s a memento. And John Denver’s not bad either.

It won’t be long now until I crave Roger Whittaker. Especially his album Tidings of Comfort and Joy, which is longer on cassette than on CD. I don’t know who had the (stupid) idea to drop the best tracks when they put it on CD.

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