NCIS – Sins of the Father

It’s not been Robert Wagner’s week, really. First it’s been suggested – yet again – that he murdered his wife. Then he goes and gets himself found in a car with a dead body in NCIS. That’s after he has said he wanted to kill the corpse.

DiNozzo Sr

NCIS team

DiNozzo Sr


And yes, it’s family in NCIS. Again. It’s a bit mad. The episode was good; and about as unlikely as many of the other recent ones.

So after the ‘Remembrance’ style double episode, we have the Thanksgiving one, complete with turkey with ‘something’ inside it. Maybe best for Ducky to deal with.

We get to see DiNozzo’s two dads together. The blood relative and the boss, who sometimes makes a better dad for our toddlerish DiNozzo Jr. We even get to see Gibbs in ‘bed.’. Didn’t know the man actually sleeps. And it was more in ‘sofa’ than bed.

The microwave surprised me. Even I don’t have one of those.

(Photos © CBS)

Gibbs and 2 x DiNozzo

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