Forbrydelsen II

Thank God we’ve got something to watch on a Saturday again! I don’t care about the jumper. But who else would go crawling into dark and possibly dangerous places for us?

But lovely as it was to see Sarah Lund and her lack of social kills, and even Brix, whom I almost liked on a ‘second’ meeting, it was the new Minister of Justice who caught my attention. I know actors are often good at acting. It’s what they do. They also act totally different people, in different things. But for me Nicolas Bro will forever be the ‘village idiot’ from Rejseholdet/Unit 1. And that’s one big step to becoming a trusted member of the government.

Forbrydelsen II, Mikael Birkkjær & Sofie Gråbøl

While liking people in general, I do think that Ulrik seems very promising. English speakers will find his name strange, or so it seems, but I thought he appeared nicely normal and orderly. Just consider that it was Sarah who was told off for sloppiness, when we had got used to her pushing Meyer around.

That Major looks fishy. Other than him I’m fairly short on suspects. Unless it’s our Minister.

5 responses to “Forbrydelsen II

  1. The Guardian is already up and running their latest ‘let’s pick this lovely television series to pieces’ column.
    Join them here:
    It is probably possible to take things too seriously. Especially the jumpers.

  2. Glad to hear I wasn’t the only one yelping at Nicolas Bro! (OK, I was one of fairly few people who’d seen him in anything else, but still.)

    I’m afraid I still haven’t recovered from watching this when it aired in Germany – the last episode gave me horrible nightmares. So watch with a friend! It is a good serious though, even with the silly focus on the jumpers. Mind you, in this case it does go on tour…

  3. Some actors fit one type so well, it’s hard to know if they have changed in another role, or if they are slyly being ‘themselves’ and we just don’t know. I feel that way about Mr Bates in Downton Abbey at the moment.

    I know you said this before, about the last episode. Does that mean Daughter on no account should watch it alone? I expect it to air just before she returns home for Christmas, and at a time when many other students might well have already left the halls of accommodation… No one left to hear her scream.

  4. Well, I could just be oversensitive, but the colleague with whom I discussed the last episode the day after it aired (late Sunday night here) and I both agreed that solo viewing did not make for a pleasant night’s sleep. Perhaps viewers on their own should keep a mobile phone handy for discussion afterwards! (It’s not exactly a bloodbath, but I found the ending unrelentingly grim. For comparison, it made Jonny’s medical situation at the end of Unit One seem optimistic! And that’s not intended as a spoiler, it’s just a comparable bit of emotion.)

    I wonder if I’m overwhelmed by TV shows at times (Tatort here a couple of weeks ago, which was partly scripted by Henning Mankell and started off with a particulary violent – and vile – use of bamboo spikes) because I have no visual imagination whatsoever. I never picture characters and scenes when I read, because I cannot do it. I close my eyes, try to imagine something and get random swirly things. So when I actually encounter visual images, they get stuck, and I find it hard to switch them off. This never happens with books, and I’ve read enough crime fiction to encounter some pretty gory stuff. So if your daughter is more tech-savvy she might not have a problem.

    (And I’ve missed Downton Abbey completely – I’ll have to track down the DVDs at some point. Though I hear that Series 2 wasn’t as good as Series 1?)

  5. What? Are you telling me I’m gonna be stuck on my own watching something scary?

    I think I might see if the Warden wants to watch with me….

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