NCIS season 9 – so far. It’s all in the family…

The funny thing is that I’ve been meaning to comment on the episodes we’ve seen so far this autumn, and despite the delays I’ve suffered, the topic doesn’t need changing. In fact, it’s been reinforced by the peculiar antics of the scriptwriters.

It’s television, so doesn’t have to be realistic. That’s why we accept and even welcome the inclusion of family members and others close to the team. We don’t bat more than one eyelid, and generally only briefly, over the fact that the team can investigate their own families.

But every week? OK, first we had Kate’s sister analysing DiNozzo. Then there was no personal connection in episode two, but it was certainly about families. Third is McGee’s grandmother, who also manages to be a little young. And she goes on a date with Ducky.

Next week it’s Abby in a right state over kidney donations and discovering her family background probably isn’t what she’s always believed.* Fine. But that tearful ending demanded a continuation, somehow, and six months later is too late! Now. But no, next week she’s as right as rain, and people are busy finding a girlfriend for Gibbs. And his ‘surprise’ reaction to that is out of character.

Three weeks after Ducky’s date with ‘granny’, he has an on-going romance with another woman. Fine with a love life, but when did he fit it in?

Last week Fornell was back. Yay! We have accepted by now that he shared an ex-wife with Gibbs, despite them never even having met in the first ever episode. Artistic license. But to have the reviled ex-wife turn up, be investigated by both the FBI and NCIS? And they are rude about her, only for Gibbs to go all soft and loving at the end. She knew about Shannon? No one else did. Before, anyway.

First half of Engaged Gibbs starts off in bed with the dead Shannon. Then he’s presented with a living red-head. And then we have Sean Harmon back as young Gibbs. Fine. Except he doesn’t look like a young Gibbs because he looks like his (real) mother. Handsome, but the wrong handsome. And this young Gibbs makes eyes at a woman who isn’t Shannon. Honestly!

There are discrepancies and there are plain silly things. Silly we can cope with, in moderation. But the (unnecessary) discrepancies. Have the scriptwriters not watched old episodes? Because the fans have, and we remember our facts.

We used to have threads, both obvious and more hidden ones, that could carry through a whole season. That requires not only some overall planning, but each writer ought to check how they did things before them, and what they did. Not just plough on as though they are the first.

I agree with Daughter, who says NCIS: Los Angeles is better written these days. It is. She looks forward to L A more. I don’t, but only because I love the NCIS characters the best. Maybe L A could lend them some writers?

(*Could deaf people adopt babies in those days? But Daniel Louis Rivas was the most fantastic match for Abby as far as looks are concerned. Well done!)

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