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iTunes alone?

It didn’t come as a surprise that I should miss Offspring, now that both have flown the proverbial witch’s nest. But it’s the little practical aspects that are inconvenient. Like finding the Christmas music on the iPod. I know it’s there. It’s just a case of finding it. I felt quite brave the other day, and went ahead all on my own and I do seem to have unearthed my seasonal entertainment.

Haven’t dared try the laptop yet, so I’m half on and half off the festive music. But then the weather isn’t putting me in a Christmassy mood, so it could be for the best. It’s Advent, which is my permitted starting date, although it doesn’t feel like it.

I always have to begin with the three tenors. It’s a mild sort of beginning, and I love that album. I have bought Christmas CDs in fits and starts over the years. Not sure what possessed me fourteen years ago, waiting for the plane home at Copenhagen airport, after Mother-of-witch had died. Maybe it was diminished brain power that had me pop into the shop and exit with a John Denver Christmas CD, and the Smurfs in Danish.

The latter is just as interesting as you’d think. But it’s a memento. And John Denver’s not bad either.

It won’t be long now until I crave Roger Whittaker. Especially his album Tidings of Comfort and Joy, which is longer on cassette than on CD. I don’t know who had the (stupid) idea to drop the best tracks when they put it on CD.

John Barrowman 2011 tour

This is the sort of thing I like best; blogging merrily away when I’ve not had to do a thing. (Other than wait up by the phone to hear that Daughter returned ‘home’ safely after gallivanting all over Scotland for John Barrowman’s concerts.)

John Barrowman

This year was hard. Not as bad as when I delayed buying tickets and we ended up not going, but when the tickets went on sale in the spring she had no idea where she’d be once the concert dates came round. So with a shortlist of favoured university and insurance university, she bought more than one ticket.

John Barrowman

And just to be safe (hah!) she bought tickets for both the Scottish venues. Luckily it was the Scottish ones she could use. Trouble is the country is larger than it looks and fitting in travelling between lectures and things was no easy feat. But she did it, and I can now blog off her efforts.

John Barrowman and Jodie Prenger

The fact that she’s been asleep in today’s lectures (only joking!) doesn’t matter. Apparently the Scottish concerts are the best, because John allows himself to be Scottish, rather than American. And in Glasgow last night the audience linked arms and joined him in the singing, making him cry. Fitting end to a tour finishing in John’s home town.

Firth of Forth

And what could be nicer than the sun rising over the Forth railway bridge on a sunny November morning?

NCIS – Sins of the Father

It’s not been Robert Wagner’s week, really. First it’s been suggested – yet again – that he murdered his wife. Then he goes and gets himself found in a car with a dead body in NCIS. That’s after he has said he wanted to kill the corpse.

DiNozzo Sr

NCIS team

DiNozzo Sr


And yes, it’s family in NCIS. Again. It’s a bit mad. The episode was good; and about as unlikely as many of the other recent ones.

So after the ‘Remembrance’ style double episode, we have the Thanksgiving one, complete with turkey with ‘something’ inside it. Maybe best for Ducky to deal with.

We get to see DiNozzo’s two dads together. The blood relative and the boss, who sometimes makes a better dad for our toddlerish DiNozzo Jr. We even get to see Gibbs in ‘bed.’. Didn’t know the man actually sleeps. And it was more in ‘sofa’ than bed.

The microwave surprised me. Even I don’t have one of those.

(Photos © CBS)

Gibbs and 2 x DiNozzo

Forbrydelsen II

Thank God we’ve got something to watch on a Saturday again! I don’t care about the jumper. But who else would go crawling into dark and possibly dangerous places for us?

But lovely as it was to see Sarah Lund and her lack of social kills, and even Brix, whom I almost liked on a ‘second’ meeting, it was the new Minister of Justice who caught my attention. I know actors are often good at acting. It’s what they do. They also act totally different people, in different things. But for me Nicolas Bro will forever be the ‘village idiot’ from Rejseholdet/Unit 1. And that’s one big step to becoming a trusted member of the government.

Forbrydelsen II, Mikael Birkkjær & Sofie Gråbøl

While liking people in general, I do think that Ulrik seems very promising. English speakers will find his name strange, or so it seems, but I thought he appeared nicely normal and orderly. Just consider that it was Sarah who was told off for sloppiness, when we had got used to her pushing Meyer around.

That Major looks fishy. Other than him I’m fairly short on suspects. Unless it’s our Minister.

More Nell


Nell’s character in NCIS: Los Angeles is growing stronger. She had an unaccountably senior role during Hetty’s absence, but now she’s back to more normal ‘clever’ background stuff.


Nell and Eric


We had a rather sweet exchange between Nell and Eric over flowers the other week. It worked well with their respective jealous reactions. But we can’t have them getting involved in a relationship sort of way. Hope the scriptwriters remember that.

Nice clothes, too.

(Photos © CBS)

And so is Sean Murray

Except a day later. Our very favourite McGee.

What can I say? I don’t want to use one of DiNozzo’s unfriendly nicknames for television’s best computer geek. I say this as someone who likes geeks.

Tired McGee

Working with Gibbs is exhausting, even for someone as young as Sean Murray. And it’s not everyone that gets to rest their head on a farting hippo.

Did I mention he’s 34? Sean, not the hippo. Nor McGee, although I can’t be sure about that. We never really hear the character’s ages.

Hippo birthday to youuuu!

(Photo © CBS)

And Brian Dietzen is 34

Palmer in autopsy

Our favourite autopsy greml… I beg your pardon. Jimmy Palmer is… No, he isn’t. I have no idea how old Jimmy Palmer is. But Brian Dietzen who gives us our lovely Palmer is 34 today.

According to Wikipedia his acting career began with him playing an evil elf. That sounds about right.

(Photo © CBS)