More on those Roger Whittaker shows

Roger Whittaker on Dim Dam Dom

As I was saying, I was sent some old television programmes featuring Roger Whittaker a while ago. First there was a track of Mexican Whistler from a positively ancient (well, 1968) French show, showing Roger sitting in an outlandish setting, whistling away. Great fun!

Four years later there was a Roger Whittaker Show on German television. It seems to be the kind of programme where someone famous hosts a show, with a few other guest stars appearing. Apart from some startling dances by a Timotei girl lookalike, we get the Les Humphries Singers, who I remember, but suspect I never actually saw. Roger accompanies them on harmonica, of all things.

Roger Whittaker and Vicky Leandros

Someone else I’d managed to forget all about is Vicky Leandros, who sang several songs, including a duet with Roger. And Roger gets to sing  quite a few songs of his own.

On to 1980 and the Herzlichst Roger Whittaker, also from German television. Here the team have come to London to see Roger, and it involves an awful lot of turns round Piccadilly Circus by car, to prove they are driving in London. Some pretty cherry blossom and some dramatic looking rain completes the London look.

Along with many well known tracks by Roger, we get to visit him and his family at home, witnessing a game of croquet in the garden and some backgammon in front of the fire. Unfortunately, because it’s a German programme, the interview with Roger is dubbed into German.

Most of the songs are the usual ones from back then, but at least one less common track, Sail Away.

It’s good that some countries know to appreciate Roger. And I definitely appreciate my fellow fans, who so thoughtfully provided me with new old entertainment.

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