Friends and fans

I like being a Roger Whittaker fan. I really do. His voice has been a favourite of mine for over forty years (I was too young to be in on the very beginning, I’ll have you know…) Piles of LPs, cassettes and CDs, as well as videos and DVDs keep me busy. Luckily I can multi-task, and so I blog and listen to the iPod at the same time.

Roger Whittaker, singing

It would be very good if there was more about Roger in the British media. But there isn’t. Too many ‘journalists’ think that famous and sensational is the same as worth writing about or putting on television. It isn’t.

The other marvellous thing about being a fan in this day and age of the internet, is that I no longer have to make do with boring my friends and neighbours by talking about my favourite singer all the time. (You online lot are different. There is absolutely no hope of you escaping me.)

Roger Whittaker and fan, in Hamburg

Anyway, where was I? Fans. ‘Meeting’ other fans is good. They can live anywhere in the world, but most likely they live in Germany. And Denmark. Both good places for Roger. Nice people.

I ended up performing a small favour for a few fans some months ago (with plenty of assistance from Son). This in turn led them to do me favours, and much bigger ones at that. Out of the blue I received parcels from Denmark and from Germany, from people I’ve never met, but who share Roger Whittaker with me.

So, I have several recordings of television programmes, and magazine cuttings and photos and records. All for very little from me (remember Son…) but so very much appreciated. I’ve been busy and it’s only now that I’ve had time to sit down and enjoy what I was sent, properly. And to write about it.

A very big Tak and Danke to Ane Marie and Marko.

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