More Sarah Jane

The other woman on television with gorgeous hair is (was) Elisabeth Sladen. I’m slowly watching the last, and far too short, season of the Sarah Jane Adventures. I don’t think they mentioned there were some episodes filmed when Elisabeth died.

We seem to have acquired ourselves a Luke lookalike in Sky, to replace the Luke who went to university. Presumably because the actor had had enough. The thing is, Sarah Jane can’t be replaced. Nor can her adopted son. You can’t just get another actor in.

So far I’ve just watched the first double episode. It’s nice that Sarah Jane has a child in the house again, but I’d have preferred someone who didn’t look like Luke. If we are going to have alien children, perhaps someone loveable with two heads or scaly skin?

Though, what would Rani’s mother say to that? Might not work. But as long as it’s only the cute aliens who get adopted, it’s a bit unfair.

Anyway, it is nice to see Sarah Jane again. But also very sad.

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