The End

It’s quite lonely, being the only one who didn’t watch the last Who live. Especially as I ended up delaying by five days, due to a busy life. At least I have a life. I’m no slave to the Doctor.

The Wedding of River Song

You know, they could end it all now. If they needed to. But they won’t. The Christmas episode is a slight giveaway to the Doctor’s continued state of being more alive than dead. Matt Smith signing up for the next season is another one. So I didn’t expect too much in the way of final death.

The Wedding of River Song

The way they paraded a good number of former characters around, was reminiscent of farewell programmes and that kind of thing. A ‘lets get everyone together one last time’ sort of idea.

River Song didn’t get much of a wedding, did she? And risking sounding a little anti-Doctor, she didn’t get much of a husband, either. Did she?

The Wedding of River Song

I quite liked the ‘new’ Amy, and Rory did really well as a(nother) military character. Churchill was fun and so was Blue Face, but if they let Matt Smith put on another fake beard I’m going to scream.

4 responses to “The End

  1. y’know … i love this show but found the jesus christ parallel very offputting. i did like the opening sequence with the pterodactyls flying in the park and the steam train coming out of the gherkin.

  2. I didn’t even think of Jesus. I will pay attention next time.
    Yes, I had no idea there are trains in the gherkin. Handy.

  3. You are not alone. I didn’t watch this live either. Still haven’t watched it, in fact. Live with my head in a bucket, televisually speaking. Should I engage? Only connect? In short, would you recommend getting a man out to re-tune our defunct television to whatever it needs to be tuned to which will enable it to receive the new Doctor? Given that we didn’t watch the last Doctor. But am intrigued by the idea of trains in the gherkin…whatever that means.

  4. Nah, don’t bother. I suspect you have a life even without the Doctor and similar. And should you ever require the Doctor or anyone else from the small screen, there are (cough) other (splutter) ways to deal (cough cough) with it.
    I’ll feel better soon.
    Gherkin. Yeah. You don’t want to know.

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