NCIS – The Penelope Papers

She’s not old enough. McGee’s granny, Lily Tomlin. Yes, she could be, but only just. But there’s no way I see the – now surprisingly – stern McGee Sr as a son of Lily Tomlin, or Penelope Langston as she was in this week’s episode. Sometimes grandmothers, even on screen, need to be properly old. Sometimes they don’t have to be sexy or daring or some 1960s feminist.

My only other little moan this week is the idea that we have family involved in the team’s latest case, yet again. It’s unlikely. But it’s television, and anything can happen.

And who’d have thought that McGee would say ‘enough’ to Gibbs? Ever. Though it wasn’t as funny as when he told that government woman to ‘stick it.’

They’ve been big on family for a while. Last week it was family values, albeit none of the team members had to sacrifice their families.

Gibbs, McGee and Penelope

I’m not sure, but I suspect the plot this week didn’t make a tremendous amount of sense. I think we were simply meant to learn something about McGee. (And to be honest, my earlier impression was not of a father that he doesn’t even talk to.)

And granny Langston (How come she isn’t a McGee?), honestly! When your life is in danger and you’ve almost grasped the fact, do you actually stand there on your own, pruning the trees in the office park? Do you? Yes, you do. It’s how the murderer can have another go at you. Especially after you’ve called out to them in that film way, ‘Hello? Anybody there?’

McGee, Penelope and DiNozzo

I’d thought the reason McGee usually appears so normal, is that he comes from a normal family. I’m wondering if anyone on team Gibbs has normal family relations? Or perhaps there is no such thing. We are all weird.


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