At Ahlströms Konditori

I’m running out of my Gothenburg konditoris. A long time ago there was the lovely Bräutigams, which is now an Irish pub or something. If you want Bräutigams goods you can have the marzipan, but only from their factory…

Then there were a couple of other nice ones, where we used to go. One has since closed and the other was so trendied up a few years ago that one visit was more than enough.

But in the company of konditori specialist Pippi, I have been to Ahlströms Konditori, maybe three times. It’s generally been pleasant and suitably traditional and with reasonably good pastries. Which is why I popped in yesterday, when I needed somewhere nice to sit, not to mention a cup of tea.

I chose a beautifully green green cake, and I must say it tasted good too. I suppose they have realised people like the green marzipan and decided to have three layers of it, instead of just the one.

And then there was the tea. It’s always tricky with tea in Sweden. Not always good, and each konditori arranges their tea in their own different way. Coffee is uncomplicated, but tea isn’t. I vaguely remembered that here the tea (as in the tea leaves) was handed out from behind the counter. I asked for my ‘rhubarb cream’ (yes, really) and picked up a mug and put milk in while I waited.

I shouldn’t have. The tea leaves were handed to me in hot water in a teacup. A large, wide one, with saucer and teaspoon and the works. ‘Oh,’ said I. ‘I already have this mug. With milk.’ How pathetic.

‘That’s for coffee,’ she said.

‘I didn’t know. I come here so rarely. And I find a mug so much easier to handle, than a wide cup.’ (Some places might at this point have let me drink my tea from a coffee mug.)

‘Well, you’ll have to remember that next time, then.’ She said.

I suspect there might not be one. A next time, that is.

Especially after sitting at a table squeezed in next to the coffee counter, with a great view of the used trays trolley. I drank my (very nice) tea pretty fast, gobbled up the triple marzipan and left.


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