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NCIS, Abby and spider web tattoos – Halloween 2011

Gibbs and Abby

NCIS exploding pumpkin © CBS


Halloween in Abby's lab


I’d say that Gibbs and Abby are not looking amused. They are probably searching for their vanishing Halloween. It’s never much good on a Monday anyway. I would guess the NCIS script-writers forgot about it this year, so I’ve picked a few photos from past seasons to make up for it.

Time for an exploding pumpkin, NCIS style.

Usually I concentrate on Abby Sciuto’s tattoos at this time of year, but by now all of you have most likely found ways of tattooing your body in some temporary way, while hoping your spider web isn’t going to run before you get home again.

I still don’t understand why there isn’t someone selling these spider webs. You could make a fortune. I’d do it myself if I knew how to make temporary tattoos.

We’ll have to look out for Halloween next year. If I’m not getting my calendar all mixed up, it should be on a Wednesday so might suit their schedule better. Who knows?

And below is a banner that I have borrowed from someone on an NCIS fan site, where  people always put together fantastic banners and screensavers.

Abby banner

(Photos © CBS)

Skeleton top?

It’s nearly Halloween. Did you know? I think we need another Abby picture.


Photo © CBS.

One Abby fan and her Abby style spider web tattoo

Let’s face it. You are here because you like Abby Sciuto’s spider web tattoo. You are here especially because it’s nearly Halloween and you’d like to dress up like Abby. Well, who doesn’t?

Spider web tattoo

How are you getting on? Show me if you like, by using the contact form above.

Here is what sarahb did. There must be many more of you out there, inking away.

Sequins in Salford – Fascinating Aïda, The Cheap Flights Tour

They knew Dogging from just the intro. And then – judging by the sounds of surprised delight – they didn’t know the Tesco song or the Little Chef one or even the German song. What kind of people do we have in Salford? I ask you?

The best kind, obviously, although I’m still somewhat concerned.

It was sold out, the Fascinating Aïda Cheap Flights Tour. So sold out that at the Lowry they did two shows on Tuesday, and as they said, it takes a certain kind of person to go to cabaret in the afternoon. The best kind, I suspect. The kind that doesn’t need to google dogging, and if they did, they would definitely clear their history after. Or ask the bar staff at the Lowry, seeing as they had been primed.

Fascinating Aïda, The Cheap Flights Tour

When I went to pick up my ticket, Fascinating Aïda’s latest recruit Sarah-Louise Young was in front of me in the queue. I’m guessing there was no ticket left for her, which will be why she ended up on the stage instead… Sarah-Louise halved the average age of FA when she joined, and that’s no bad thing, I say.

They have new songs as well as old ones. The new ones are new and some of the old ones have been dusted off and spruced up and given spanking (sorry) new details. So, their Bulgarian folk songs are new, but then they ‘always’ were.

The how to write a bestseller is now on Nordic crime, which to the uninitiated is Raymond Chandler with snow. Sort of an Ikea dunnit. We got songs on how to kill your mother, threesomes, one night stands and something for taxpayers. I wouldn’t know about that. Us foreigners are only good for making coffee. Baristas, is what they call us now.

Flying to Ireland for 50p is hard to do, or so they’ve found. But at least after 28 years they finally have a hit. As Adèle said, the YouTube version of Cheap Flights went fungal. It’ll be all the ‘fecking’ I expect. The first act finished with some ‘young’ dancing of the kind I’m forbidden to engage in at home, but P-Dillie is right in that grey is the new black.

Fascinating Aïda, The Cheap Flights Tour

Adèle and Dillie and Sarah-Louise were beautifully dressed to begin with, but in act two they surpassed themselves and their sequinned dresses almost required sunglasses.

I mentioned Little Chef earlier, and have to say I was most gratified that this beautiful Scottish travelling song has been resurrected. It’s one of the best. They really suffer for their art when out on the road so much of the time. Speaking of art, they don’t like what we have in Salford Quays. (Or was that a joke?) Anyway, it brought on a song about art.

We had the German song, and I could tell Dillie has kept up her practising on the piano stool. (Obviously, had she known 27 years ago that she would need to, she would never have come up with it in the first place.) More Bulgarian songs, a song about being bored, and they generally know how to look sad. But Sarah-Louise is far too young and far too new to be allowed near the piano for a Bulgarian ‘plink.’

Yes, they do have a bleak view of the future. Who doesn’t? I suppose it’s only fair that they should end a performance based on that man who sells flights to Ireland for 50p (except he doesn’t) by mentioning that unlike many, he pays his taxes. I suppose FA know about this?

More on those Roger Whittaker shows

Roger Whittaker on Dim Dam Dom

As I was saying, I was sent some old television programmes featuring Roger Whittaker a while ago. First there was a track of Mexican Whistler from a positively ancient (well, 1968) French show, showing Roger sitting in an outlandish setting, whistling away. Great fun!

Four years later there was a Roger Whittaker Show on German television. It seems to be the kind of programme where someone famous hosts a show, with a few other guest stars appearing. Apart from some startling dances by a Timotei girl lookalike, we get the Les Humphries Singers, who I remember, but suspect I never actually saw. Roger accompanies them on harmonica, of all things.

Roger Whittaker and Vicky Leandros

Someone else I’d managed to forget all about is Vicky Leandros, who sang several songs, including a duet with Roger. And Roger gets to sing  quite a few songs of his own.

On to 1980 and the Herzlichst Roger Whittaker, also from German television. Here the team have come to London to see Roger, and it involves an awful lot of turns round Piccadilly Circus by car, to prove they are driving in London. Some pretty cherry blossom and some dramatic looking rain completes the London look.

Along with many well known tracks by Roger, we get to visit him and his family at home, witnessing a game of croquet in the garden and some backgammon in front of the fire. Unfortunately, because it’s a German programme, the interview with Roger is dubbed into German.

Most of the songs are the usual ones from back then, but at least one less common track, Sail Away.

It’s good that some countries know to appreciate Roger. And I definitely appreciate my fellow fans, who so thoughtfully provided me with new old entertainment.

Friends and fans

I like being a Roger Whittaker fan. I really do. His voice has been a favourite of mine for over forty years (I was too young to be in on the very beginning, I’ll have you know…) Piles of LPs, cassettes and CDs, as well as videos and DVDs keep me busy. Luckily I can multi-task, and so I blog and listen to the iPod at the same time.

Roger Whittaker, singing

It would be very good if there was more about Roger in the British media. But there isn’t. Too many ‘journalists’ think that famous and sensational is the same as worth writing about or putting on television. It isn’t.

The other marvellous thing about being a fan in this day and age of the internet, is that I no longer have to make do with boring my friends and neighbours by talking about my favourite singer all the time. (You online lot are different. There is absolutely no hope of you escaping me.)

Roger Whittaker and fan, in Hamburg

Anyway, where was I? Fans. ‘Meeting’ other fans is good. They can live anywhere in the world, but most likely they live in Germany. And Denmark. Both good places for Roger. Nice people.

I ended up performing a small favour for a few fans some months ago (with plenty of assistance from Son). This in turn led them to do me favours, and much bigger ones at that. Out of the blue I received parcels from Denmark and from Germany, from people I’ve never met, but who share Roger Whittaker with me.

So, I have several recordings of television programmes, and magazine cuttings and photos and records. All for very little from me (remember Son…) but so very much appreciated. I’ve been busy and it’s only now that I’ve had time to sit down and enjoy what I was sent, properly. And to write about it.

A very big Tak and Danke to Ane Marie and Marko.

More Sarah Jane

The other woman on television with gorgeous hair is (was) Elisabeth Sladen. I’m slowly watching the last, and far too short, season of the Sarah Jane Adventures. I don’t think they mentioned there were some episodes filmed when Elisabeth died.

We seem to have acquired ourselves a Luke lookalike in Sky, to replace the Luke who went to university. Presumably because the actor had had enough. The thing is, Sarah Jane can’t be replaced. Nor can her adopted son. You can’t just get another actor in.

So far I’ve just watched the first double episode. It’s nice that Sarah Jane has a child in the house again, but I’d have preferred someone who didn’t look like Luke. If we are going to have alien children, perhaps someone loveable with two heads or scaly skin?

Though, what would Rani’s mother say to that? Might not work. But as long as it’s only the cute aliens who get adopted, it’s a bit unfair.

Anyway, it is nice to see Sarah Jane again. But also very sad.

Pam Dawber is 60!

Another year. Another birthday. Who would even think that Pam Dawber – the woman with the ‘best hair on television…’ – is 60 today?

Mark Harmon and Pam Dawber

And here she is, celebrating with that other 60-year-old. I feel there’s enough glasses there for a party.

Pam Dawber and Mark Harmon in I'll Remember April

And because it’s difficult finding recent photos, I’m being contrary and going for something much older. So here they are, playing a married couple in the film I’ll Remember April, from 2000. I’ve read somewhere that they discovered this was a lot harder than they’d expected.

Oh well. Never again, then.

The End

It’s quite lonely, being the only one who didn’t watch the last Who live. Especially as I ended up delaying by five days, due to a busy life. At least I have a life. I’m no slave to the Doctor.

The Wedding of River Song

You know, they could end it all now. If they needed to. But they won’t. The Christmas episode is a slight giveaway to the Doctor’s continued state of being more alive than dead. Matt Smith signing up for the next season is another one. So I didn’t expect too much in the way of final death.

The Wedding of River Song

The way they paraded a good number of former characters around, was reminiscent of farewell programmes and that kind of thing. A ‘lets get everyone together one last time’ sort of idea.

River Song didn’t get much of a wedding, did she? And risking sounding a little anti-Doctor, she didn’t get much of a husband, either. Did she?

The Wedding of River Song

I quite liked the ‘new’ Amy, and Rory did really well as a(nother) military character. Churchill was fun and so was Blue Face, but if they let Matt Smith put on another fake beard I’m going to scream.

NCIS – The Penelope Papers

She’s not old enough. McGee’s granny, Lily Tomlin. Yes, she could be, but only just. But there’s no way I see the – now surprisingly – stern McGee Sr as a son of Lily Tomlin, or Penelope Langston as she was in this week’s episode. Sometimes grandmothers, even on screen, need to be properly old. Sometimes they don’t have to be sexy or daring or some 1960s feminist.

My only other little moan this week is the idea that we have family involved in the team’s latest case, yet again. It’s unlikely. But it’s television, and anything can happen.

And who’d have thought that McGee would say ‘enough’ to Gibbs? Ever. Though it wasn’t as funny as when he told that government woman to ‘stick it.’

They’ve been big on family for a while. Last week it was family values, albeit none of the team members had to sacrifice their families.

Gibbs, McGee and Penelope

I’m not sure, but I suspect the plot this week didn’t make a tremendous amount of sense. I think we were simply meant to learn something about McGee. (And to be honest, my earlier impression was not of a father that he doesn’t even talk to.)

And granny Langston (How come she isn’t a McGee?), honestly! When your life is in danger and you’ve almost grasped the fact, do you actually stand there on your own, pruning the trees in the office park? Do you? Yes, you do. It’s how the murderer can have another go at you. Especially after you’ve called out to them in that film way, ‘Hello? Anybody there?’

McGee, Penelope and DiNozzo

I’d thought the reason McGee usually appears so normal, is that he comes from a normal family. I’m wondering if anyone on team Gibbs has normal family relations? Or perhaps there is no such thing. We are all weird.