Calm down dear, it’s only a wedding.

He helicoptered in, or so I was told. It’s what you do when you are busy and rich at the same time. Having been charmed over some dinner by the owner of our local bookshop he said he’d call round, and true to his word he did.

Not that I had much interest in him, but we felt we should make up numbers, just in case, and also to gawk at someone famous at close quarters. It was good that we did. Not too many people turned up, I suspect mainly due to lack of publicity. Although the ones who did come were of the fanatic fan type and they couldn’t believe their luck.

So, to make everything seem ‘busier’ I persuaded (forced, more like) Daughter to have her photo taken with him. It’s quite a good one, actually. And I sat down and chatted over tea or something. And I bought his autobiography. Actually, I felt sorry for him, so bought two copies… He had an early Quaker background, and I mistakenly thought it’d make a good present for the Grandmother.

I read the first hundred pages or thereabouts. Then it got a bit same-y and I gave up. Lots of photos. They all had a caption that went ‘here I am with X.’ X being somebody famous.

At least by the time Daughter needs to write her autobiography she has one picture which can have the caption of ‘here I am with Michael Winner.’ Unless that is too shameful to admit to.

In today’s paper there was a photo of Michael next to another lady. Also quite a nice photo. It seems to be his brand new wife. As Michael is 75 it’s amazing that Geraldine Lynton-Edwards is his first wife. After an immediate cynical thought which I will keep to myself, I wish them every happiness.

(I want to stay on good terms with Daughter, hence no photo here.)


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