Posh coffee?

Mrs Pendolino likes coffee at Harvey Nicks. Until very recently I’d never set foot in the place. I didn’t even feel tempted, because it doesn’t sound like my kind of place. But then, the last time she mentioned it I thought that maybe it was worth a try.

So Daughter and I braved the doorman (where was his tall hat?), who like many doormen these days was neither terribly polite nor terribly helpful. Maybe he could tell we weren’t Harvey Nicks material. We found the café without his assistance. Although it wasn’t terribly clear which bit we wanted, so I asked again. That member of staff wasn’t helpful either.

Consistency is always good.

We chose the first small café-like area and went in. Wooo..! I thought I’d fall down. That’s some view they have there, and that’s not a positive remark! Floor to ceiling windows with a close up view of Manchester Cathedral. The Cathedral is fine, especially if you want to be face-to-face with its clockface. It’s the drop down to street level I have an issue with.

As soon as we could we changed to a table as far away from the window as possible. It helped. Marginally.

It would have helped even more if they believed in chair legs that support you. You know those white flimsy plastic chairs you get in pavement cafés all over the world? Well, HN café had the posh designer equivalent of those. Hence the wobble. Maybe if you are Mrs Beckham the chair would feel really steady, but I doubt it.

Anyway, Mrs Pendolino likes the table service. OK, it is nice not having to carry one’s cup on a tray, but it wasn’t that special. The hot chocolate was apparently of the powder variety. Or it tasted as though it was. My Earl Grey was actually very nice indeed, and no sneering at my choice of milk with it. Plentiful milk, which was even better. Not a full two cups of tea out of the pot, however. And the cupcakes had seen better days.

We won’t be going back, and no doubt they wouldn’t be terribly keen to have us back either (if anyone reads this). But it was an experience.

My next tray at M&S will seem nicer than ever, so that’s good. I suppose.

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