And the conductor helped a bit

Can’t you just hear it? ‘You’ll have to go out there and give him a replacement mike.’ ‘Oops, you’ll have to go back out there again and give him another mike…’ That was one major microphone fail for Edward Gardner. He’d have been OK not having a speech for his first last night of the proms.

We’d had such a hectic day that we didn’t even know it was the last night until it was literally the last night. But at least there was no need to panic to find the time. We just sat down and enjoyed. (He looked awfully young, that Edward.)

Edward Gardner, Last Night of the Proms 2011

It seems Wales was too wet, but Dundee and Bangor made it, and there were a few people gathered in Hyde Park. We recognised the flags with a black lion on a yellow background, and remembered having looked them up before, but not what they were. Flanders, I gather.

I think I saw another Swedish ‘studentmössa’ somewhere in the front row of the prommers. It sort of goes with the promming style.

Daughter claimed not to know Climb Every Mountain, but I promised her she’d know it when she heard it. She did. We couldn’t quite decide where in the film it turns up. More than once, we reckon.

Jenny Agutter from that other bank holiday film was there, and so was Lang Lang on ‘keyboard’. Susan Bullock was busy singing and changing clothes. Her Britannia outfit was fetching, if somewhat unstable. She could have hit someone with that staff. But the blinking daffodil was fun.

When it was time for ‘the bouncy one’, Daughter vowed to bob up and down for the duration, but didn’t last. I suspect real prommers bounce regularly at home throughout the year to be sure to last the whole of Land of Hope and Glory, and a bit. At least we didn’t mumble our way through it.

Not so sure about the ‘no slaves’ part from Britannia. Things aren’t looking good for her.

Jerusalem went without a hitch, which was a relief after the microphone fail. Daughter kept cheating with her singing by finding the words on her phone. Unfortunately the first thing on google for the national anthem is the Sex Pistols. And the Resident IT Consultant claimed to have seen the Royal Standard in the audience, so can we safely assume the Queen was down on the floor with her subjects?

It would seem we have the same conversation every year. I say nothing can come after God Save the Queen, and Daughter says we get Auld Lang Syne. And we did. In other words, ‘same procedure as last year.’


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