Jane Eyre

That’s more like it! Whereas Daughter inexplicably preferred the television series from a few years ago, I have to say that she is so wrong, and the new Jane Eyre film is far superior. It actually has a Jane Eyre who feels real. There are far too many recent, far too modern, adaptations of classic novels and half of them have that Keira Knightley in them. There was not a KK in sight here.

Beginning the film with Jane leaving Thornfield Hall also felt fresh, and it worked much better than the traditional linear story. Giving us Jane’s background through a few flashbacks was good, and there was just the right amount of the past to tell anyone visiting from Mars, what had made her who she was.

Mia Wasikowska makes a believable Jane, and Michael Fassbender is not a bad Rochester. However, the older I get, the more I feel that Mr Rochester is actually a far creepier man than the young witch thought on first reading Charlotte Brontë’s novel. Then it was ‘natural’ that the young governess would always snare the older man, and that it was a good thing. I’m not so sure. Would quite like to lock Rochester away. Possibly up in the attic with Mrs Rochester.

Mia Wasikowska as Jane Eyre

Nice scenery, suitably moody landscapes and a wonderful performance from Judi Dench. And Romy Settbon Moore is the first Adèle I’ve seen who feels real. She could even speak French.

Although, how they could do away with ‘Reader, I married him.’ is beyond me. In fact, the whole last scene was feeble. Maybe that’s why Daughter came out feeling the film was wanting.

(On at Cornerhouse now.)

2 responses to “Jane Eyre

  1. A non sequitar, but yesterday was the wonderful Victor Jara’s birthday. I got an email of some book news which had a nice piece about him. Venceremos is all I can say here.

  2. I agree. And why not say it with Jane Eyre? I’m glad Victor still gets a mention.

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