First day back from Edinburgh and the Resident IT Consultant required my presence for a meal out. I have always resisted Wagamama on the grounds that I’m allergic to so much Far Eastern food. Better safe than sorry, is a good if somewhat boring concept.

But I decided to be brave and try it. Looked online and they listed the dishes that are msg-free. The only thing about that is that I never know whether to trust people who make promises like that.

In actual fact, the food was OK. The service was OK. I did feel the place was very noisy, and I’m too old for sitting on benches. Although, at least my feet touched the ground, which is something. It was hard to find the place. There was lift from street level, going down. Did we want M or B?

Was this an intelligence test? Went to B, but it looked like a gym. Tried M. That was the toilets. Back to B. It was the restaurant, albeit looking and sounding like a school refectory. And a gym.

Other than that little confusion, it was OK, as I said. Not sure I will haste back, even if all the desserts are msg-free. Don’t think our waiter knew what msg is; only that they have a list. What puzzles me is why someone with a list doesn’t simply eradicate msg from the menu. They recognise it’s a problem. So why use it? Food has flavour on its own.

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