It’s a cultural thing

Röda Kvarn, Borås

I couldn’t remember why, but I did know I desperately did not want to see Black Swan. Which was a shame, as it was the only film on at Borås Röda Kvarn, when School Friend asked if we wanted to come with her. Daughter sacrificed herself and went along, while I stayed at home ‘away’ and blogged and stole sweet stuff in my host’s larder.

When she returned, Daughter said I’d been right to stay away. Something to do with a nail file (?) and legs?

Röda Kvarn, Borås

Anyway, I asked her to take a few pictures of this lovely Art Deco cinema, which played such an important part in my past. It’s where Aunt and Uncle Cinema worked, and where as a child I was able to see many films free of charge.

I really must return one day when there is a ‘friendlier’ film on.

As a cultural counter to this film business, Son went along to a football match with Mr School Friend. Elfsborg were playing Göteborg IFK. Naturally they won. So the ‘boys’ were satisfied. Even I was satisfied, and that’s despite needing to sit through all the sports news on television in order to see all the goals from the match.

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