Craving NCIS

It’s very illogical. But then, craving things usually is.

Here on holiday we have limited television channels to watch. So we don’t get channel 3, which is the one that shows NCIS. It’s also on channel 8, which we don’t get either. Both show repeats, seeing as it’s summer and not much happens.

I have seen every episode of the eight seasons made so far. I have old episodes with me that I can watch. But despite the fact that I can pick any one I want, I still feel this twinge of dissatisfaction when I read the television guide and see what’s on.

There’s one on most nights, with a late repeat, and if I wanted to I could match the one offered on television. But I usually make my own choice, depending on how I feel, or how many times I’ve watched a particular episode.


The good thing about that is picking ones I somehow feel I like less than others, because I generally find that there is some aspect of the episode in question that I especially enjoy.

As I said, so illogical.

(Photo © CBS)

2 responses to “Craving NCIS

  1. For what it’s worth, I have a similar relationship with the German show “Tatort”. And now that I have a DVD recorder with a hard drive, I can make all sorts of decisions about episodes depending on my mood, instead of having to depend on whichever repeats are on at a given time. (There’s no coordination between public channels about which episodes to show, which means you can get one episode three times in a fortnight, and others almost never.)

    I maintain such television behaviour is completely normal, even if one slightly unpleasant colleague finds my enthusiasm extremely odd (I’m fairly enthusiastic about most things – apparently this is “uncool”.)

  2. Nerds are good. People don’t know what they are missing.

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