Allsång with Måns

Oh happy circumstance (hah) which brings us to Swedish television on the day of Allsång at Skansen. Yet again. Do we specialise in Tuesday arrivals? (The fact that Tuesdays are so predictable that we know that Allsång will be followed by Midsomer Murders, is scary. Daughter was too tired to even contemplate Midsomer. Besides, it’s now the wrong Barnaby. As if the phrase ‘the right Barnaby’ is possible.)

Måns Zelmerlöw

Anyway, Allsång is now presented by one of Daughter’s many loves, Måns Zelmerlöw, so simply could not be ignored, even on an evening after a day after about three hours of sleep. I suppose he was all right, but I do hate it when southern Swedes feel they need to ‘posh up’ their accents by dropping their real accents. You can tell, and it is so not charming.

As usual I didn’t know any of the people involved. Bo Kaspers Orkester sounds like a ‘dance band’, but appear to consider themselves ‘real’ musicians, who apparently would not be seen dead in Allsång. Quite. (Good thing they weren’t dead, I say.) So I guess the name is ironic.


Måns sang a duet with opera singer Malena Ernman in the shower. Quite good, actually. Very evocative with the shower, and Måns managed a passable attempt at opera. The Vocalettes met with approval. The song about the English Navy at Vinga lighthouse met with almost complete bafflement from Daughter. I’ll clearly have to give her a lesson in Kal and Ada and Beda and Co tomorrow when she wakes up.

I hardly ever like rap, and I much preferred the nerds wearing overalls and old style track suits. And the good old song Bättre och bättre is still good. And old, so Daughter had problems with it. Could be the lack of sleep, I suppose.

It still fascinates me how Swedes of all ages will go and sing badly on television like this and feel no shame. And how do they manage to have marvellous weather every single time? Stockholm looks great. I believe I have finally twigged why there is always a large group of pretty teenage girls at the front. Bet they get ushered in to brighten things up.

And what was that man doing with the courgette?

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