As Deeks said,

I would if I could. But I barely can, and what a dreadful sentence that is. In more ways than one. RSI, dear readers and I’m off on a three day enforced silence. But NCIS: Los Angeles finished so high after such a very good second season that I must say something.

As cliffhangers go, that was quite a good one, in a quiet kind of way. Hetty might not be about to be shot or otherwise murdered – immediately – but it’s interesting. It will be especially so if and when Callen bursts through the door, seeing as he’s ‘dead’.

Yes, as someone said, that rooftop looked very similar to Dom’s last rooftop, but maybe L A is full of such rooftops. What do we Europeans know?

Nice to see more of Vance in L A, and I know some viewers can’t stand Nell, but she’s really growing very nicely. She is my most popular search on here, and I only wish I had far more facts to offer up. But at least she and Eric didn’t resign.

Apart from the fact that Hetty’s replacement doesn’t seem capable of actual management, I quite like her. Something could develop there. But more as an agent than as boss. In fact, she’s a Macy look-alike, isn’t she? She looks like she too could have annoyed Gibbs at some point in the past.

And speaking of Gibbs, we need some thoughts on the end of season eight. But not here and not now. As for L A, I reckon the ending will have people waiting for September already.


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