NCIS end of season 8 speculation

You know how I dislike speculation. What’s the point of going on and on about something that will happen soon enough, and after which we will know precisely how wrong we all were? So let’s speculate!

The port-to-port killer… Who could it be? Well, unless it’s going to be the hitherto unknown ‘Chinaman’ advised against in crime fiction, it has to be someone we know. And to avoid it being ‘the detective’, i.e. one of our long standing favourite Special Agents (although Daughter wondered if it might be Palmer..!), it has to be someone new. That means DiNozzo’s darling E J Barrett’s team or Ziva’s new boyfriend.

I’d like it to be both. Together.

Because, lovely though romance is, it won’t work in the long run, so both new love interests need to be got rid of. I’m thinking ‘one fell swoop’ would do it.

Ziva and Ray

I don’t like either of them. Cote de Pablo might have bonded with Enrique Murciano. Doesn’t mean Ray is right for Ziva. I have yet to see anything that feels real. He wanted to say he loved her and missed the opportunity. They both look sad. But I can’t feel for them.

Di Nozzo and EJ Barrett

As for the unprofessional E J who DiNozzo has fallen for, she just swishes her hair and does her best to be annoying. Her team? We have hardly got to know the little one, and the large one is a bit on the large side. Anyway, he’s friendly with Abby.

Vance? Surely not.

So, two more episodes until we know. Hopefully. Sometimes the cliffhangers leave us not just in a perpetual state of worry, but occasionally also in the dark.

It’ll be Gibbs. Or Palmer. They have simply flipped.

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