Tea and a hobble or two

The Darcys had the decorators in. Or they would have, if Lyme Hall belonged to Mr Darcy and his Elizabeth. As it is, it was only the BBC who placed Darcy there, and only on the outside. But we traipsed through Lyme Hall as quickly as we could today, en route to and from Mary, Queen of Scots. That’s when we glimpsed (well, more than glimpsed) the decorator in one of the rooms. I suppose even the National Trust need to paint once in a while.

It was my idea to go to Lyme Park once Daughter was back at college. She huffed a bit, but unfair or not, the Resident IT Consultant and I went off for some elevenses and a little walk. Concluding that I couldn’t very well have three pieces of cake I had a scone and butter instead.

The café at Lyme Park

While the Resident IT Consultant went for a walk, I hobbled over to inspect the new play area. It looks good, and I could almost wish I had small children to take there. Almost.

After a further hobble on my part, we met up again by Lyme Hall. They have some nice, polite people on the door to the courtyard, asking ‘Can I help you?’ and I never know what to say. Would it be rude to say ‘no’? I just feel that they can’t help.

Lyme Hall

We went in to see the exhibition of portraits of Mary, Queen of Scots. I asked the Resident IT Consultant before we came out if he thought it’d just be a small one, remembering some  modest exhibitions at the library. He felt that anything coming from the National Portrait Gallery must have a lot worth seeing.

It was more on the library scale. Had to climb upstairs, and that was after scaling the slope up to the hall. (Noticed the mini-van service when I was almost all the way up. But it was meant to be exercise, so it was OK.) The exhibition consisted of small prints, accompanied by small sheets of information, displayed in unlit conditions. I should have brought my reading glasses to see, but had expected paintings. The poster advertising the exhibition showed a colour painting.

And then we had to continue winding all the way through the hall to get out again. Hence the decorator encounter.

As we drove home, the Resident IT Consultant mused that we had most likely missed the postman by going out. I said that since it was the day after Easter I didn’t think there would be much post.

Book parcels

We did miss the post-van by a split second, but they had left all eight parcels (yeah, I know) in the dustbin.

I might give underestimating a miss next time. That’s along with so-called exhibitions. Mary was a Queen! There must be more pictures of the woman in existence!

5 responses to “Tea and a hobble or two

  1. The dustbin?

  2. You don’t know what a dustbin is?
    Or you don’t know what my parcels were doing in there? Not much. Just waiting for their witch to come and get them. The idea with some postmen is that rather than take post away with them again, which is inconvenient for all, they will leave them somewhere out of sight (while leaving a note in the letterbox). And that’s where dustbins and other recycling bins come in handy.

  3. Yeah, it was the second alternative. It is not an American practice, at least I’ve never seen it. On the one hand it’s clever, on the other it seems a bit chancy…

  4. But would you trail up my drive to check out my bins, just on the off-chance?

  5. Me? Certainly. Probably every day if I lived closer.

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