Tomorrow, When the War Began

They have big lorries in Australia.

Just thought I’d mention that.

This much awaited film of the John Marsden novel, which I’ve not read (yet) has gone relatively unnoticed here in the UK. Or so it seems. Daughter who always watches trailers for films and knows about any old rubbish coming our way, had not heard of it. She didn’t seem to like the idea of it much, either, which might be why I took the Resident IT Consultant along when Daughter was busy elsewhere. And to be honest, he didn’t seem to exactly love it. Neither did the two other people in the cinema, who left after over an hour. Had I been them, I’d have left earlier, or not at all.

As it was, I liked the film, and I was on the edge of my seat for most of it. Very adrenaline-y, as films go. Maybe it helped not knowing what was to come.

Anyway, this was ten days after its release in the UK and we’re already down to one screening a day in our backwater. I’m guessing it’s not a hit. Australians seem to love it, and several Swedish book bloggers were upset at the late cancellation of the film in Sweden week before last. The books are big over there, so it’s a particularly weird thing to do.

Tomorrow, When the War Began

It’s about a group of seven teenagers who go camping one weekend, and while they are gone, war breaks out. They return home and everyone’s gone. Or so it seems. They have to save themselves from the invaders and eventually they turn guerilla.

Think Bridge on the River Kwai, and as I mentioned earlier, they have huge lorries in Australia.

There are more films to come. Two at least, and I for one will be wanting to see them. Though I might cheat and read up on what happens, because I really need to know. Do I have time to read all the books?

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