NCIS: LA – Rocket Man

‘Let’s do an Otto’. That must have been what they said and then proceeded to do. We just needed to see that first set to recognise the scientific test that was about to malfunction big time. And then they went on to have the same type of repeat bad thing happen, just as in NCIS Driven from season four. Mercifully they avoided the Germans.

Don't go in there!



Don't go in there!

Nell and Hetty

On the other hand they had an Englishman in there, looking thoroughly fishy in that way only the British can manage in an American show. Question is, would he be the bad guy or not?

Poor Eric has a shy bladder, which is one way of putting it. He has to work out in the field, leaving his safe chair and computer screen. At first I thought he and Nell were competing to get Hetty to send one of them, but then it seems Nell was actively pushing for Eric to go, rather like a benevolent sister. And he didn’t want to. I think.

Luckily his chair remained untouched and unswivelled until his return.

Deeks invented a new word, and I have to say that ‘frelted’ has a certain ring to it, as long as you’re not the one being frelted. But pretty good for a man who has a picture of dogs playing poker on his wall. The picture. Not the dogs.

Eric’s words in the outside world were awesome, cool and great. And Nell had to elaborate on her ‘uh oh’. Those Americans are so eloquent.

Apparently the rocket was rubbish though, according to my resident rocket expert.

Good episode, if you don’t count the ‘Otto’ factor.

(Photos © CBS)


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