It’s amazing

that no one seems to have given away who did it. In The Killing. It wasn’t the butler, but I suppose it wasn’t far off. In a way. Daughter said ‘I told you so’, and in fairness, she did.

I had plenty of suspects, but the way they went round most people at least once and sometimes twice, what is a person to think?

It’s amazing that they could put together twenty hours of suspense like this, and even more that no one said. I didn’t even go out of my way to avoid spoilers. Solidarity, I imagine.

And in the hour leading up to the two final episodes, I felt more excited than I’ve felt for most television programmes. It’s a television programme, for goodness’ sake! Though I will feel differently about landing at Kastrup airport in future.

So, well done to all. And the taster for series two will assure everyone that the jumper will indeed get an airing again. Though I have to say that Daughter’s solution to all this is to buy the DVDs. As she said, they have to be available in some language somewhere. Will have to check.

2 responses to “It’s amazing

  1. DVDs are definitely there, but fairly expensive. I’ve got an Australian set, so Danish with English subtitles. I also have half a German set, which only has German dubbing – probably not ideal.

    Did you see the Guardian blogs on the series? I was amazed by the community, and also by the ability of (almost) everyone to avoid spoilers!

  2. The Swedish subtitled set is about £25, which I thought would be OK. We’ll see what we do. The Resident IT Consultant always complains that Danish with Swedish subtitles is just beyond him.
    I only just discovered the G blogs, but couldn’t read through the hundreds of comments.
    According to someone on facebook the Telegraph review named the murderer, without a spoiler warning. I thought the Guardian review was well done.

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