Catching up with those jumpers

Sarah Lund's jumper - white

Seems I can’t leave the country even for a week without Guardian readers starting a jumpers thread on the letters page. You wouldn’t have thought so much could be said about a fictional Danish policewoman’s choice of clothes. What I find even stranger is that viewers covet the jumpers for themselves. I even found a blogger who was working out how to knit one, in order to save on the £200+ price tag. Someone is making a fortune out of this.

Sarah Lund favours the cream one, and I check every time to see if I can find any evidence of it having been mended after the stab wound. I can’t. The black one is better, to my mind, and I don’t like the red one at all.

Sarah Lund's jumper - black

The other slight problem with being away for two Saturdays was the number of episodes we needed to catch up on before the next Saturday evening, because the Resident IT Consultant who’d been left at home had watched them all. So from Friday evening Daughter and I watched a total of six hours of The Killing in around 24 hours. And that included sleeping.

Checking what else was on at the same time gave the impression that the other channels had a lot more attractive programmes and films on offer than is the usual Saturday night fare. Perhaps they are suffering from The Killing and need to compete with little BBC4?

Sarah Lund's jumper - red

What’s more, newspapers are writing about the programme repeatedly, proving it’s the latest must-watch, including a full page article in the main section of the Guardian.  And the BBC have bought the next season as well.

Hopefully xenophobia is on the way out as far as television drama is concerned, and one day soon people won’t think twice about subtitles.

I’m thinking the Swede did it.

4 responses to “Catching up with those jumpers

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  2. The end of series two gave me actual nightmares. (As it did a colleague – it was on late on Sunday night, and I had a wretched night’s sleep!)

    It’s certainly a much-travelled jumper – don’t know if you’ve seen series 2, but it certainly gets a workout!

  3. Tell me immediately if I must prevent my innocent young child (?) from watching season two! Sounds bad, and we were crying last week after episode 18.

  4. Trying not to spoil series two, it’s much more political and not tragic for viewiers in the same way series 1 was (poor Meyer, although why Lund keeps going into unlit buildings without backup is a mystery), but the ending is brutal. I really felt like I’d been kicked, but I was watching at home on your own, so I’d say ‘watch with someone who can give you a hug’, and your daughter will be fine.

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