A different kind of Lent display

Semlor - Shrove Tuesday buns

This is what we ate in Sweden the other week. I can’t help but feel that these Lent buns are nicer than pancakes for Shrove Tuesday. I love pancakes, and I’ve just spent far too long in the kitchen making some for dinner. But for me they are just not special for Lent. Pancakes are pancakes.

The buns have been scooped out in the middle and filled with soft almond paste before being topped with whipped cream. Seeing as we don’t make it to Sweden in February every year, we have to make the most of the buns when we are there. I’m not saying how many I ate this time, but it was more than one.

Semlor at Regnbågen in Halmstad

We were amused to find this display in the window of the best bakers’ in town. For Lent Swedes put thin tree branches in containers and decorate them with coloured feathers and maybe chickens (not real ones!) and artificial eggs and stuff. The baker just used buns, although I doubt they’re real. For one thing, they are far too small.

On my way to visit School Friend I received the perfect text on my phone. She asked ‘Do you want tea and a Lent bun as soon as you get here?’ That’s the kind of message I could get used to receiving. Consider that a hint.


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