From Gibbs to Davenport

That only makes sense if you really know me, btw.

I distinctly remember Mark Harmon saying that now NCIS is doing so well, he doesn’t need to do extra films in the summer between seasons. But here he is, planning to become Lucas Davenport, detective hero in John Sandford’s crime novels. I don’t know these books at all, but I gather Davenport is about twenty years younger than Mark Harmon.

People who have read the books seem to have visualised Davenport differently, and those who haven’t, just want Mark Harmon. At least as long as this doesn’t interfere with NCIS, which is the most important thing for Gibbs fans.

But who cares? The fans say they will watch anything that has Mark in it, and if I was a film maker I would cast someone like him in my movie, too.

Mark Harmon

He has apparently signed for two more years with NCIS, but if this Davenport venture is successful he could have something to do in retirement. The question is whether he simply wants to work, or if he needs to make his old age more financially secure. I’d have thought there is a risk he will overdo things, and if it was me I’d want a holiday every year.

Let’s hope it’s better than Weather Girl.


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