Those sandwiches

They are easy to do. Really.

I’m talking about the sandwiches I made for yesterday’s interview with author Katherine Langrish, and that I somehow suggested were awfully complicated.

Previously I had admired the next-door neighbour’s nifty little blinis with toppings, and I admired the way her helpers swept through the room with little trays of blinis to be waved at the guests. I thought I could do that, too. Possibly. But the mere idea of standing for weeks frying blinis, before you could even say sour-cream topping, struck me as too much. And I didn’t have a band of helpers.

This was back in the days of hosting selling parties, and you really do have to give people something to nibble, and I wanted to avoid crisps. So I returned to thinking about the blinis, and worked out that I could use small slices of nice bread instead. In my case I made the bread, but that’s not essential.

And as for toppings I took what was in the fridge; cheeses, boiled eggs, veggie paté, smoked salmon. That kind of thing. Put a little of that on each slice of bread, and then went and looked round the kitchen again.

You are bound to have some olives, grapes, prawns, tomatoes, peppers, pickled gherkin slices (well I have, anyway). So you put a little something of that on top of what you’ve just made. And it may just be a tomato slice, but it looks much prettier.

Mix and match on trays or large plates.

The sandwiches

My former selling party selection bites were much smaller than the sandwiches above, so looked more attractive. This time I was aiming for lunch and people being hungry, so size mattered.


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