NCIS: Los Angeles – Lockup


NCIS: Los Angeles continues to outshine big brother NCIS. Lockup this week might even have been the best they’ve done so far. When he called to talk about it, Son certainly thought so, and we didn’t talk more about it because I hadn’t watched it at that point.







Nate was back, although possibly only temporarily. At least they didn’t kill him off. This time. It could be, of course, that he will be back intermittently.

Not everyone was so lucky, but sad though it is to see a character die, it makes for a better show to keep changing. Within reason.

Presumably we will return to this terrorist plot at a later stage. Sam needs to avenge his personal loss.

Kensi might have been eating doughnuts, but she can still jump around on the roofs of vehicles with the best of them. It’s she who calls the shots, and Deeks who follows.

And Nate has become quite violent for a psychologist. Also, what’s between him and Nell?

I’m less convinced about Callen’s surveillance of the cemetery, but it might be one of those long term plots, I suppose.

They needed him out of the way this time. Could it be that they economise by having one actor less each episode? One in, means one out? And not just by dying. You can just go somewhere else for a week or so.

(Photos © CBS)

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