Why no calendars?

OK, so a few years ago I can almost understand why I couldn’t find any ready made NCIS wall calendars. Or any other kind of NCIS calendar. But now? The show is one of the most viewed in America. Maybe America is full of calendars? Maybe Americans don’t use them?

(Before people write in and tell me that you can get some on eBay; yes, I know. But they are not commercial calendars other than that someone has cottoned on to the fact that you can make calendars with images you don’t own, and sell them online. You can sell almost anything online. And as long as you don’t own the photos, you really shouldn’t make money off them. But there you are.)

Daughter has no particular desire for an NCIS calendar. She likes David Tennant, Doctor Who and John Barrowman. Among others. All very pleasant to look at and available in most calendar shops. I found a half price John Barrowman a few days into January, and he now graces the wall in her room. We’ve had David Tennant in the past. And space. The sky at night. A variety of things.

But me, I want an NCIS or Mark Harmon calendar. Also very decorative for almost any wall. But where can I buy one? Apart from the eBay variety. If I’m going to have a homemade calendar I might as well make it at home. That way I can have the photos I like.

Mark Harmon calendar

It just strikes me as ludicrous that we run our own calendar cottage industry every year.

Anyway, this year’s desk calendar recently made it through production and is now sitting on my desk. The wall calendars got ever trickier with size and amount of ink for printing, so we gave up on those.

Just think, though, how convenient it’d be to just buy one. And surely Mark is as calendar-worthy as a cute kitten or some majestic mountain scenery? Don’t want to start discussing the local fire brigade’s calendar here, but you know…

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