22-year Eve

There is 40% off the sushi somewhere. Son was intending to celebrate his ‘birthday eve’ with his 40%. Me, I don’t hold with sushi, even when veggie.

It’s a weird notion this, having an eve to your birthday. I think he intends celebrating twice. Good thing, because we struggle so much with gifts around here that he won’t be getting one.

He phoned this morning with the same heavy breathing I always get. He phones while walking to and from places so as not to waste time. Today we didn’t waste much time on having a real conversation, either.

We moved straight onto television. He said he’s just about caught up with NCIS now, after the Christmas hiatus. Then he started on about a psychologist and I wondered where I’d lost him.

In Los Angeles, apparently. He needed to know what’s going on with Nate in NCIS: Los Angeles. I put forward my theories, and suggested he could follow Nate on Twitter. The man’s been gagged, so I assume he is being paid for not appearing on the show.

After some pleasant speculating I moved on to this day 22 years ago. The Resident IT Consultant went to a meeting and I settled down to MASH, accompanied by twinges. (At least I was watching a medical show.)

I complimented Son on avoiding ruining my MASH viewing. We went off shortly after, and then we returned home with a few hours to spare before the next episode of MASH, so I didn’t have to miss a single one due to this childbirth business. Much appreciated.

2 responses to “22-year Eve

  1. havealittletalk

    I beat the birthday eve bit by far. My son Max was due Oct. 24 and born Nov. 8 and came home Nov. 16. If only in my head, I remember [and celebrate some of] that whole stretch of 23 days.

  2. You could probably have watched all of MASH in that time!

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