A film clip

Every now and then Daughter emails me the link to a film of sorts. She’s a bit addicted to film clips, and whereas I don’t mind them, I don’t have the time to keep looking at everything that’s available.

This clip, starring Stellan Skarsgård, had us both puzzled. Me because I wasn’t quite sure where the film belonged, and Daughter because while she could understand what Stellan said, she didn’t have much luck with the others. That’s because they were speaking Norwegian, and Stellan was carrying on in Swedish.

A Somewhat Gentle Man is A ganske snill mann in Norwegian, and I noticed that people on IMDb were also pondering the language situation, seemingly thinking Stellan might know Norwegian all of a sudden. But this mix of Nordic languages between characters is not unusual.

The link above suggests the film is out now, but with the spelling of theaters in American, I’m assuming it’s out in America. Can’t find any indication of a UK release date. It was out in Norway last year. Of course.

I’d quite like to see it, even if I tend to dislike this type of character.


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