Filip & Fredrik

We’re back to this business of knowing what you don’t know, or even what others don’t know and might want to be informed about. Every time a news presenter on television says ‘and this afternoon the prime minister, Mr Joe Bloggs,..’ I want to scream and say that one of them is enough. We know who’s prime minister, and we know who Joe Bloggs is. Well, a great many of us do, anyway.

It’s the times when no information is forthcoming and it would have been really useful to have, that I think of this the most. Years ago I stopped my subscription to Swedish magazine Vi on that basis. It was getting a bit expensive, and when I had finished reading an interview with two tremendously well know Swedish women (I’d never heard of them, exile that I am) and I wasn’t even sure which one was on the left and which one was on the right in the photographs, that I decided Vi was obviously no longer catering to me, the ignoramus abroad.

OK, so I’ve gone back to subscribing again. Several times. And mostly I’m very happy and like the quality of the writing and feel the photos are suitably labelled. I feel I have learnt something.

Today I finished reading an interview with Filip & Fredrik. I would have finished it earlier had I not delayed halfway through because I felt lost. Loads of pretty pictures of the duo, by Evalotta Fredén. Information on where they were taken. No information which of the Fs was on the left and which on the right. So I still have no clue.

And I’m still left feeling I didn’t quite grasp what these two men have done for Swedish television that is so exciting. I’ve seen their names mentioned often enough, but never seen them in action. But the photos were good, and some of what they said was interesting enough.

Once I’ve written this I will google image them and see if I’m any the wiser. I’m doubtful because I know what happens when I google image myself. I either look like some half naked dominatrix in skimpy black leather (not me) or I’m some famous person who has appeared on this blog and therefore bears my name in the search engine world. Or maybe I really am Colin Firth? Who’d have guessed?

If Vi are worrying, I am not intending to cancel my subscription again. But I may ask for clarification on left and right.


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