Wallandering along

It must have been season two of Wallander when Daughter wandered in and joined us, quickly coming to the conclusion she quite liked Wallander. After all.

Because when we watched a random episode a week ago she wondered who on earth those people were. The answer was Linda Wallander and her room mate Stefan. And they are not there in season two.

Johanna Sällström and Ola Rapace in Before the Frost

I’m used to chopping and changing and can watch in almost any order, especially since I didn’t start at the beginning. But we have now taken the orderly decision to watch them all, and in the right order. That’s episodes three and four, followed by one and five. Very orderly. And we have deleted episode two. But I do remember it. Question is why BBC4 showed them in this higgledy piggledy order?

The first in the series was really quite hard hitting, and Daughter almost gave up, but not even hardened Swedes kill babies off. At least not all the time. I suppose they needed to entice people in with something special, in order to hook them. Could as easily lose them if viewers feel it’s too much.

This evening’s Afrikanen was quite topical, seeing as there’s been some discussion both here and there about the use of the n-word. And as always it’s fascinating when all the handsome, youngish, male actors from my past turn out to have become old men. This time it was Tomas Bolme, and I had to look twice before feeling sure it even was him.

But I do wish they wouldn’t populate southern Sweden with Stockholm-accented actors. Sometimes it leaves you wondering if the character is meant to have just emigrated from the capital, or if they forgot to audition local actors, again. Afrikanen had one with the right accent. I almost wondered what was wrong with her.

3 responses to “Wallandering along

  1. Have you seen the final Stefan/Linda episodes? Not to be watched late at night while alone…I had horrible nightmares. (Topped only by the final episode of the second series of the Danish television show about Sarah Lund.)

    I watched the Stefan/Linda episodes in Swedish with English subtitles, and series two with German dubbing. Strange experience – Wallander himself still works, somehow, but the other characters are a bit odd-sounding.)

    And if you want an odd accent mix, I hear the recent Dibdin/Zen film in Britain was a prime example…

    (And speaking of German and Henning Mankell, he’s written two episodes of a crime series here – also a strange experience watching the first one. I kept thinking “Wait, we’re not in Sweden!)

  2. Yes, I have seen them, and it’s real life that intrudes, isn’t it? Won’t say more until Daughter gets to them. We hold hands a lot more than we did years ago…

    Have missed Zen. First because it meant nothing to me, then because I couldn’t fit it in. Should I? People on facebook seem to fancy Rufus whatsit.

  3. My first answer to this got lost somehow. Anyway, I’m ambivalent about Zen, since I didn’t particularly like the books, and I’m not enough of a Rufus Sewell fan for that to make up the difference. The accents were also very grating. (Mind you, I’ve been known to watch an episode or two of Donna Leon, which is a German production filmed in Venice, with German actors helpfully dropping “Ciao” into every second sentence in case we’d forgotten, so I’m hardly a purist on that front.)

    Worth a look, but not spectacular. At least not if you’re comparing it to, say, Sherlock. (All my opinion, of course.)

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