NCIS – False Witness

Even watching it again didn’t make me feel Christmassy. I know this is a bit late now, but False Witness was only seasonal because it had fake snow and Christmas lights all over the Navy Yard. I didn’t totally get the plot the first time round, so with Daughter’s explanations ringing in my ears I watched again. As I said.

I got it, but felt it was on the farfetched side as plots go.

Dead turkey

Facebooking in autopsy

Serious DiNozzo

Arrest in snow

The turkey died, which was only to be expected, if not by the bird itself. According to Ducky ‘the Mallards invented multi-tasking’, which will be why he launched himself on facebook. That man has too many likes.

DiNozzo was serious and hardworking and almost made me want him to go back to being silly. Almost. His stint of ‘midlife crazy’ was over the wrong thing, though. They could have dredged up something slightly more plausible from his varied past. You shouldn’t need Ziva telling Tony we love him because he’s the class clown. That counts as encouragement.

The deputy DA was rather too fond of handsome men, but ‘she likes to keep her options open’. The man about whose home Gibbs said ‘I think there’s a lot of baseball bats lying around’, felt Gibbs’s house could be in need of a home makeover, which is quite observant for a nerd.

Abby did the Turkey Trot, naturally, and she knows about turkey DNA databases. And Gibbs knows that facebook is ‘that thing that some people do things with’. We do, don’t we? But I don’t believe Ducky will last long with his social networking.

Christmas at the Navy Yard

So, mildly amusing in small portions. Slight Christmas feel to it, but screened in mid-December it doesn’t do to make too much of it. What happens to television planning to prevent shows from being on closer to the day itself?

(Photos © CBS)


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