NCIS: Los Angeles – Disorder

Good thing we didn’t delay watching the NCIS: Los Angeles Christmas episode a day longer. It was quite Christmassy, despite being California and shorts weather and broadcast far too early in December. But we ran out of time when it was on, and then having a visitor with no interest in ‘such nonsense’ we just had to wait.


Kensi and Talbot

Christmas presents

There were carollers. Didn’t know they had them in California. But what’s the point of wishing people a pc Happy Holidays, when you have just sung a carol full of Christian meaning? And you just know they will encounter a body or something.

We wondered why the witness had to walk round in his severely blood stained shirt for so long, but it did look dramatic. Though given the amounts of blood, how come the carpet was clean? But it was a good episode in general.

Hetty went slightly mad over the presents, but it’s nice to see we all do ‘it’.

(Photos © CBS)


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