A Muppet Family Christmas

It was a few years ago. Probably 1993 or 1994. As any mother of small children I didn’t do much chilling out over Christmas. (So unlike the rest of the time when I’d do nothing but sit around…) I knew A Muppet Family Christmas was on television one morning. Though I sort of doubted I’d get to watch it.

But I found myself free just before it was due to begin, and thought ‘if I can’t watch this now and forget about the chores and the children, then what good is Christmas?’. So I watched, mostly on my own. I suspect that Mother-of-witch stepped in and kept an eye on Offspring.

A Muppet Family Christmas

Ernie, Doc and Bert

Big Bird and the Swedish Chef

And it was wonderful. I sat there feeling good. It must be the ‘togetherness’ of the film. The way the Muppets end up spending Christmas with their Sesame Street friends, and the way the poor man who had originally rented Fozzie’s mother’s house, staying there with his dog, faces each new batch of house guests as they arrive and just finds more places for everyone to sleep.

I love it when Jim Henson and the dog do the washing up at the end. And the Swedish Chef measuring Big Bird for … you-know-what. I love a lot of other things too. The companionship. The snow. Miss Piggy.

It’s one of the most perfect films for Christmas, and I try to watch it every year. I’m hoping someone will keep an eye on Offspring for me this year too.


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