The Plaza café

How long to get to the Plaza for a cup of tea? Pot of tea, even. I reckon it was in the vicinity of 49 weeks, and I only live half an hour’s walk away. Last Christmas I asked Son if he’d come with me to try out the recently restored Plaza theatre’s café, once a normal January commenced.

It never happened. Somehow nobody seemed to be free to just go out for elevenses or afternoon tea for no particular reason. And in case it was bad, I didn’t want to go alone. And in case it was good, I didn’t want to be on my own.

Then Borås Girl happened to mention that she had heard that Stockport has a nice cinema or something. We needed to meet up, so we decided to make it the Plaza, which is the ‘nice cinema’.

It was freezing out, but us Swedes are hardy. Borås Girl and I ventured upstairs, but they could do with a sign. It’s a lovely large room filled with pale green Lloyd Loom furniture, making it look very Art Deco.

Plaza café, Stockport

We sat by the window (with a view of the buses outside). I was so cold I was tempted by the toasted teacakes, but my standard test of a new place is the quality of the scones, so we ordered scones.

They were of that perfect homemade type, and large enough to satisfy even me. We ate slowly – sorry about that! –  and lingered for almost two hours, gossiping about the ins and outs of the church of Sweden (as you do). When it looked like people were filling the place up for lunch we departed and decided we’d be back. Sooner rather than later.

And if Son is not up for it, I’ll take Daughter.

(Photo borrowed from ‘stagedoor’, as I forgot my own camera…)

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