As she realised what the end of Sherlock might be, Daughter groaned. This was the episode she had missed in the summer, when Sherlock was first broadcast. Me, I had missed it all, sitting in the beautiful Swedish countryside, reading people’s comments on facebook and feeling annoyed at being out of the loop.

But had it not been for a plea on facebook a few weeks ago, I wouldn’t have known it was on again. Watched the first two, with the Resident IT Consultant perplexed that I hadn’t seen it before. Then set the third to record as I was going out, and came home to find he’d ‘deleted’ the setting. Must have been a curse on number three. Moaned to the recently arrived Son, who said he’d watched it the night before and then deleted it. Gah! So he set about ‘retrieving’ it for me.

I do agree with the facebook friend that the last episode was pretty good. Though the whole thing was so Doctor Who-ish that you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s what Whovian scriptwriters do in their spare time. Benedict Cumberbatch stalked around in modern London as though he’s a Tennant/Smith clone. No actually, he was ruder, so not true.

Martin Freeman made a better Doctor Watson than I’d have expected, and Una Stubbs as Mrs Hudson is so suitably weird that I’m only sorry she didn’t see the refrigerated head. I’m certain she would have coped admirably.

As for that ending; one has to assume they will be back with more. Maybe we can even have a Moriarty finale that will then have to be un-picked again.


2 responses to “Sherlock

  1. A new series is apparently on the drawing board already, with, among other keywords, Irene Adler and Reichenbach – the latter suggesting Moriarty will be back in some form. (I admit, I loved it, which may or not reflect on a certain level of shallowness in my character – I told a friend after the film Amazing Grace that I’d probably listen to Benedict Cumberbatch reciting the phone book…)

    I’m teaching a course on Holmes this semester (well, in part), and I was struck by how timely Watson’s Afghan war backround still is. Which is a sad indictment of a lot of things, really.

    Merry Christmas!

  2. That sounds promising, then.

    You can never be too shallow. And while Benedict recites the phone book, I’ll listen to Roger Whittaker singing it.

    And wars come round far too often.

    Frohe Weihnachten and God Jul and…

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