NCIS – Enemies Foreign

I was slightly taken aback when Daughter stated that she was sorry, but she ‘didn’t like that very much’. I’d just been thinking that this week’s episode of NCIS had been pretty good, and she doesn’t usually hate things quite so suddenly.

So, the car blew up...

Turns out it was the lasagne she didn’t care for. That’s all right. It was only my own lentil lasagne, and as long as she enjoyed the entertainment that went with it I don’t mind. Really.

I got confused last week, thinking it was going to be a two-parter with DiNozzo Sr. It was a Daddy centred thing all right, except it’s this week and next, and it’s Eli David who’s the Daddy. Although he may not continue being anything at all at this rate.

Love seeing the team wearing suits. But I suppose if they always dressed up they wouldn’t be dressing up. And this being a seriously unfinished two-parter I’ll say no more. We’ll wait until next week. When I will not be serving lasagne, that’s for sure.



(Photos © CBS)

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