NCIS – Short Fuse

Times have been busy at Witch Towers, and I’m only now getting round to some watched but not yet blogged-about episodes of season 8. Trying to keep track of what the Resident IT Consultant has watched or not is a major feat in itself but I think we can safely say it’s the threes, both of big brother NCIS and of LA.


Abby talked to the evidence, and she wore a great outfit. And was that the first use of ‘the duckpond’ for autopsy? She’s like me. She doesn’t work well with people hanging over her, so Palmer had to go.

Ducky and Palmer

Good thing he went, as he was needed to scratch Ducky’s nose.

3 x Di Nozzo

DiNozzo fancied himself as cover boy for NCIS. As if that would ever happen!

Gibbs ironing


But it was the sheer – and shared – domesticity of Gibbs and Fornell that carried this episode. Whether eating ‘atomic’ lamb curry on a two-for coupon, or Fornell’s home made pasta puttanesca, those two get on better together than they do with anyone else.

Gibbs doing the ironing in front of a western on television is quite something. Nice to see he has breakfast cereal in the house for when the lamb curry turns out to be as bad as it was supposed to be.

And, oh yes, there was a plotline in this episode, too. ‘Cute bomb tech’ as Michael Weatherly put it earlier, with exploding bombs and an FBI lover. But even the cover boy story was more fun. And that’s as it should be.


(Photos © CBS)


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