New girl in NCIS: Los Angeles

Renée Felice Smith as Nell

It’s funny, but I greeted the news that Renée Felice Smith is joining NCIS: Los Angeles permanently as Nell Jones, Eric’s personal sidekick, as something positive. Then I turned to various forums and found that at least half of viewers hate her.

I know it’s upsetting when a favourite character goes, and most are assuming Nell is replacing Nate. It certainly looks like it. I don’t know whether CBS do audits to see who the fans like and don’t like, and the losers have to leave. But it wouldn’t surprise me.

They got rid of Macy even before series one proper started. That was because viewers felt she wasn’t right. And whereas I liked her, I think Hetty is more right. And Dom went halfway through series one, only to return to be got rid of again. They tested Deeks before deciding on Dom’s fate, and we appear to like Deeks better.

Now we have seen Nate go off to somewhere, and Nell turned up a little later. The fact that she’s now permanent doesn’t rule out a return for Nate. But I’d say it gets more unlikely. We can have lots of characters in a show, but ultimately they can only afford to pay for so many actors.

Other than that, I have to say how much better I’m finding NCIS: L A to be this season. The weeks are running by me at great speed and I won’t cover every episode here. Suffice it to say that the other week when I felt big brother NCIS was short on humour, that L A had plenty to offer.

9 responses to “New girl in NCIS: Los Angeles

  1. takingitoutside

    I liked Nate, but I like Nell, too. And really, the main cast has four guys (not counting Nate) and two women (not counting Nell). Totally aside from what those characters are like, it’s nice to see the numbers even up on this show. Most shows (Criminal Minds, for example) cut female characters and replace them with male, if they go the new character route.

    On the other hand, I agree with you about how the show is this season as well, and yet the audience shrank rather surprisingly. Maybe you and I are just tuned to a different wavelength?

  2. I haven’t been keeping up with audience stats, so didn’t know they’ve lost viewers. In a way I’m not surprised, as the numbers last season must have been influenced by placing it right after NCIS. But whereas I wasn’t sure to begin with whether I’d continue watching, I do like it and will go on watching.
    Maybe the change in viewers is what has them trying all sorts of new characters?

  3. I like Nell. Her charactor was expanded last week as an expert in Latin American politics. Smith pulled it off with grace. I want to see bigger part for her.

  4. Well, Eric might be cute, be he’s not quite got the Nell factor.
    The question about Nate is whether he had to toughen up to earn his place, occasional though it is? I kept saying that having a psychologist was a bit pathetic in some way.

  5. takingitoutside

    Nell definitely got filled out a bit more, and I still like her a lot. I wish they’d cut back on Deeks though – I never liked him much, and I loathe how suddenly Kensi keeps getting beaten up/being unable to stand still long enough to wait for the bomb squad/underestimating the bad guy/giving herself up to be kidnapped/almost getting kidnapped while completely healthy and armed, only to be saved by a man who was shot in the chest mere hours before. If the writers want Deeks to be cool, then they should make him cool. Not make Kensi suck so that he can save her.

  6. You’re right. I’ve not been analysing Kensi, but she’s become a bit more of a girl character. Suspect it’s been mainly to help Deeks out. I like him, but he’s a bit useless.

  7. I love the Deeks, Kensi banter and humor. Stressful jobs need a joker in the group. It would be okay for Deeks to take more initiative.

  8. I’ve been watching older seasons of NCIS La..Nell/ Renee is fat…Why do actors let themselves go after a few successes..

  9. I disagree with you. I don’t think she’s fat at all. But if she was, then she’s allowed to be. And as to the why, I’d say it could be because life gets stressful at the top.
    I’m off to have some pizza now.

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