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Abby down under

Came across this interview with Pauley Perrette from when she was in Australia in the summer. It’s from their Channel Ten.

Leslie Nielsen – more than just funny

Leslie Nielsen

I seem to be alone in rating the early work of Leslie Nielsen, who has died, above his later, funny roles.


The first time I noticed him was in Ransom from 1956. The film appears to be titled Fearful Decision on IMDb for some reason. Ransom is a better title for a film about a kidnapping, in my opinion. I thought Leslie was wonderful in Ransom, and I also liked him in The Sheepman from 1958.

Leslie Nielsen

Having read through the long list of everything he was in, I reckon I must have seen him in lots of television series before I watched Ransom, but without registering. I suspect because he was ‘old’ by then. I remember when he was in Columbo. I found him still good looking, for ‘an older man’. Now I realise he was not even 50 at the time…

When I saw that Leslie was in The Poseidon Adventure I had to go and see it. Trouble is it was during the period when my only bus service into town arrived so late that I always had to miss the first five minutes of any film. (In the well-regimented Sweden in the 1970s films started at half past six.) From having read the book I knew he would die at the very beginning, so I wasn’t happy missing those five minutes.

To tell the truth, I was fairly put off by the funny roles after that. Went to see Airplane, but have mercifully blanked out anything else I might have watched him in.

I’m glad Leslie was successful, but I’ll have the early version, please.

NCIS – Enemies Domestic and LA – Deliverance

Or we could simply say it was about the bosses and their Russians. And the past. I wonder if they decided on plots together, or if it just happened?

Hetty continued with her old men friends with their bad foreign accents. She must have shrunk even more, because I don’t remember Hetty being half of anyone else’s height. But she’s a shrewd little thing.

NCIS: Los Angeles was good this time round, with the double episode. Though I couldn’t quite see the rationale behind Kensi’s predicament with the red lines. It was there more to let Deeks be resourceful, than anything. But at least they didn’t kiss.

Fantastic to see what they can do to make actors look twenty years younger. You could see it was the young Vance, but he looked sufficiently unlike himself that it was realistic. The main problem with men turning younger is that they have got heavier with age. So they rejuvenated several of the actors, and then proceeded to fail with Gibbs, yet again.

The scriptwriters must have been desperate to have another ‘chick fight’. Nice to see they could avoid making the unpleasant people the baddies, and instead make us like the one who ‘did it’, before making us ‘unlike’.

They had worked hard on tying up so many little details from the past that I’m not sure there’s much left to tie up in future. Some were nice to see, while others would have been better left alone.

All in all, a good week, except we have to wait three weeks until the next time…

I didn’t know that

How hard can it be to miss paparazzi hanging from the trees in your own street? Not hard at all, if you’re me.

Luckily Mrs Pendolino came round and mentioned the circus that had taken place in my street last Friday. I’m still trying to work out what I was doing that day to have missed it.

It seems that one of my neighbours used to work for The One Show, and as of a few days ago he no longer does. Why is it that men in the public eye, whether politicians or television celebrities, can’t work out that if they do something stupid, it will come out?

Anyway, when this unknown neighbour was found out, the press camped outside his house all day, hanging from trees and generally being silly. What is so interesting about a stupid man having made a stupid mistake?

The View From Here

Yippee! I have yet another outlet for my rants.

No, dear blog reader, I have not started another blog. Actually. (It’s tempting, though…) There is a magazine called The View From Here, whose editor very carelessly asked me to contribute to their online ‘blog’, and my second offering is now available to read.

It’s a little bit of a return to stuff I’ve already covered on here, as I’m heavily into recycling. But the bit about the dentist is new!

The View From Here

03457 332233

Pudsey has a girlfriend! I’m shocked. But she looked sweet, so might be good for our charitable bear. Terry Wogan seemed to have two. Lady presenters. Maybe they weren’t up to the seven hour slog? Neither was I, but that’s beside the point. Tess Daly’s outfit for the Strictly Come Dancing thing looked a little too much like a Sainsbury’s carrier bag for my liking.

But what do I know? I gathered that the woman who had hair which matched her dress was the famous Cheryl Cole. And I reckon that if I had ever watched the soaps properly I’d have enjoyed – not to mention understood – East Street so much more. It was reasonably fun even while not quite getting the hang of who was out of place and where. The boasting about whose husband was the most murderous was amusing enough.

The clothes were among the more fun points for Children In Need. Alexandra Burke – who’s totally new to me – sang well, but had come out in her underwear. The ever sweet Wogan claimed his underwear was on fire, but it might not have been such pretty underwear. Daughter gasped when she saw airborne-knicker-recipient Tom Jones’s hair. Has she never seen a grey-haired sex bomb before?

I am so tempted to describe John Barrowman’s spotty suit in Swedish, but I daren’t in case Daughter disowns me totally. It’s for sale, apparently, and one hopes it’s unwashed. Well, not me personally, but you know. She, Daughter, used the Take That song for a comfort break. It was the one thing on the programme she felt she could do without. I can’t help but feel that Take That could do without that ‘new’ singer of theirs.

Listening to A Perfect Day as sung by Susan Boyle, however, I received a report of goosebumps, and I have to admit that it was pretty good, and those angelic choir boys were really very angelic. Bet that Susan didn’t foresee a few years ago that she’d be kissed by Wogan on live television.

Children in Need 2010 - Strictly Come Dancing

Our McFly fan, Miss Vet, is about to receive the McFly snippets from last night, as Daughter had the foresight to hit the record button at the right moment. She also didn’t have the foresight to ignore my suggestion she stop it, which was unfortunate. But most of the McFly shenanigans should be there. I can’t say I think much of their music, but the drummer who danced was rather nice looking. I’m assuming he drew the short straw. And I loved the grumpy judge.

The interval of CIN Mastermind was a masterstroke of genius. So was having three contestants who knew and cared about their specialist subjects as opposed to Tony Hawks who knows nothing about fridges other than how to cart one round Ireland. He must have thought, or been made to think, that it was not serious. Lovely to see John Humphrys has a sense of humour.

Children in Need - Doctor Who

Next time the clever-clogs at the BBC do tea for young children, in need or otherwise, they should offer Ribena. Not cloudy lemonade. It looked delicious, and that’s exactly what it shouldn’t do. The treat of tea with Amy and the Doctor left the poor brothers eating dry biscuits.

We (Daughter and I) already know that Matt Smith can’t catch a train and talk on his mobile, so no surprise that he doesn’t know the difference between a teapot and a kettle. Just remind me never to ask him to make tea for me. (On second thoughts, I’ll have the cloudy lemonade.) But it’s his ineptness that we love.

Speaking of kettles, we refuelled mid-show with some Kettle crisps. Ridged spicy chilli. Very nice.

NCIS – Enemies Foreign

I was slightly taken aback when Daughter stated that she was sorry, but she ‘didn’t like that very much’. I’d just been thinking that this week’s episode of NCIS had been pretty good, and she doesn’t usually hate things quite so suddenly.

So, the car blew up...

Turns out it was the lasagne she didn’t care for. That’s all right. It was only my own lentil lasagne, and as long as she enjoyed the entertainment that went with it I don’t mind. Really.

I got confused last week, thinking it was going to be a two-parter with DiNozzo Sr. It was a Daddy centred thing all right, except it’s this week and next, and it’s Eli David who’s the Daddy. Although he may not continue being anything at all at this rate.

Love seeing the team wearing suits. But I suppose if they always dressed up they wouldn’t be dressing up. And this being a seriously unfinished two-parter I’ll say no more. We’ll wait until next week. When I will not be serving lasagne, that’s for sure.



(Photos © CBS)

Lite music

There is Easy Listening and then there is even lighter music. We had some of that ‘ultralite’ stuff in the background at one of our monthly Swedish meetings. I know it will sound extremely nerdy if I say it was June 1994, but I happen to remember it. It was the first and only time at the house of the Pharmacist, and the proximity to Midsummer meant she had half a dozen types of pickled herring on offer, instead of the usual sandwiches and cake.

Homemade pickled herring. Naturally. I was going to get the recipes off her. Never did.

Anyway, she had music on, a CD collection of Svensktopp music, which is the Swedish style chart music we used to like back in the 1960s. More easy listening than pop, and always with Swedish lyrics. You can dislike it as much as you want, but I used to quite like it, and hearing the collected best tracks 25 years on in exile felt good.

I knew Mother-of-witch would never be capable of going into a record shop and ask for it and get it right, so I called Pippi and asked her to get the CDs for me. She made disparaging noises about my lack of taste, but promised to have a go.

A little later she called me back and said how she’d told her sister in Norway about my lite request, expecting her to make understanding noises. Instead her sister said that yes, she’d quite like that, too. Clearly something about life in exile makes the heart grow fonder and all that.

Pippi came to visit me in early September that year, so delivered the purchase. She went off to the Lake District for a few days before returning. In that short time we’d had the news that the Pharmacist and her husband had died very dramatically (it was all over the front pages of the Sunday broadsheets). That’s why I remember when it was, and that’s why there never was a pickled herring recipe.

And I listen to those CDs often, and every time I think to myself that the Pharmacist knew what she was doing. It is good music.

Ducky was here

And while we’re on the subject of age, here is a clip of David McCallum with Alan Titchmarsh, just the other week. He admitted to being 77. David, not Alan. Nice figure, 77. Nice David, too.

Thanks to mchnelson, the greatest of NCIS fans who keeps track of everything.

Happy Birthday to Cote, Brian and Sean

They’re awfully young, those NCIS actors. Cote de Pablo is a mere 31 today, and Brian Dietzen will be 33 on Sunday, nicely paving the way for Sean Murray who is 33 on Monday.

Actually, I remember thinking that David McCallum was ancient when he was 33. Whereas now he feels considerably less so.

Oh well, it must just be me.

And I could have some cake, if there’s any going.