Abby Sciuto and her tattoos

Abby at Halloween

As a very special Halloween treat we have more Abby photos to offer. Has anyone else noticed that she (or Pauley, rather) has pierced ears now? I used to think that the tats might be enough for one girl, but there’s always room for more adornment.

Abby with parasol


This year you have searched more than ever for Abby, and with it being Halloween today, the search has intensified dramatically.

Gibbs and Abby

McGee and Abby

I’m still assuming people are looking for ideas for dressing up this evening, and now that CBS appear to have produced Caf-Pow to sell, I’m surprised they aren’t selling fake spider web tattoos. Or maybe they are? It’d be big business this time of year. Any time of year, come to think of it.



Young or old, short or tall, fat or small, we hanker after some Abby-ness. I’ve been reliably informed I’m past it, but that doesn’t stop me from hankering.



And then we have Abby’s accessories from the complete contents of her handbag to her boots, and those appealed even to drugs cartel queen, Paloma.

Contents of Abby's handbag

Abby's boots

In fact, I can’t be the only one to find that shoe shops are full of Abby type boots this year. Many of them look far more comfortable than the ones she wore to Mexico.

(Photos © CBS)

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