Let who in?

It being an American film and it being a film in English, which is a proper language, Let Me In will be so much better than Let the Right One In. And whereas I didn’t actually mean what I just said, wouldn’t it have been more honest to openly state – somewhere – that this new film they are desperately trying to flog for free this Halloween, is in fact a new version of the Swedish original?

The Guardian emailed me with an offer to see Let Me In for free on Halloween morning, but other than it not being available in my backwater of Manchester, I can think of more fun ways to spend Halloween than sitting through another bloodbath. Fitting, though.

It was only as I read the blurb that I realised this was the improved American version of John Ajvide Lindqvist’s book, and went looking on IMdB to see what they said. They don’t mention the original either, except so much in passing that you won’t notice.

I can’t resist copying the reply to the question ‘The original was so good…why are they remaking this?’

‘According to producer Simon Oakes: “…the story was so great, so beautiful, that it should be seen by a bigger audience. So I was always saying to myself, people in Manhattan have seen it, guys like you [genre journalists/fans] because it’s in your wheelhouse, in New York, in Chicago, in Chelsea, in Notting Hill, in London but no one in Glasgow or Edinburgh or Bristol or Idaho or Pittsburgh has seen this film. It’s a story that needs to be seen by a wider audience. Then it came down to [the question], how do you achieve that? By paying homage to the original.”‘

Homage. That’s always good.

And as I write this Son is physically in Edinburgh, and he came with me to see the film, so in one fell swoop I have proved Simon Oakes wrong. In case he wants to know.

Here’s to people in Pittsburgh and Glasgow who need a better bloodbath!


2 responses to “Let who in?

  1. I live in Bristol, and I have seen the film, thank you very much!!!!
    I get so frustrated with iths whole remaking thing. Maybe us foreigners are more open to subtitled movies? I don’t know, but I will not waste my money on this remake. Next it will be The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo … Daniel Craig as Mikael? Ugh!

  2. Now I just need someone from Idaho to comment!

    Sorry that you ended up in the spam again. That’s twice in a day.

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