I’m not so much a CultureWitch at times, as an AbbyWitch. People come here from near and far – I imagine – and want to read all sorts of things. And they do read a mixed offering of blog posts, but if you look at my main search engine results for any day, it’s a very one-sided affair.


People want Abby. Mostly they want her tattoos. I get a display of the top ten search topics every day. Below I show two days worth. They differ from day to day, but not by much. There’s a little NCIS related searching, and on the earlier day shown here there were even searches for two non-NCIS topics:

Abby sciuto neck tattoo, abby sciuto tattoo, pauley perrette tattoos, abby ncis tattoo, abby from ncis tattoo, pauley perrette spiderweb tattoo, abby’s tattoos, mark harmon watch with orange band, ncis outlaws and in laws, abby’s spider tattoo.

From the day before: abby ncis neck tattoo, abby ncis tattoo pics, abby sciuto tattoos, pauley perrette tattoos real, mads mikkelsen, pauley perrette tattoos, spiderweb tattoo, abby sciuto web tattoo, roger whittaker mit frau natalie, abby tatoo.

Ducky and Abby

It will most likely taper off a little once October is past. Tattoos go with the pre-halloween period, somehow. I bet there will be thousands of Abbys out there on the 31st.

Gibbs and Abby

Happy fake tattooing!

(Photos © CBS)

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