Adequate company

Did they forget that the Sarah Jane Adventures is a children’s programme? Whew! Well, I’m not going to bed again. Ever. Possibly we shouldn’t have recorded the starting episodes and watched them before bedtime. Possibly it would have been all light and happiness had we watched at the correct broadcast time.

But probably not. Ieee!

The Nightmare Man and Luke

Nightmares for Luke, and for everyone else. Daughter says Luke is not going to be in this series, so that might be why they pack him off to uni. Oxford of all places. It would have been really good if they’d got their facts right. For going to uni in general. For Oxford in particular. How you apply. When term starts. Who will cook breakfast. And so on. (Have just been called a pedant on facebook, and it’s so true.)

That scarf made Luke look several years older. But taking K9 with him? I don’t think so. Sweet to see Mr Smith and K9 saying goodbye. ‘You have been adequate company’. Indeed.

I’d be quite satisfied if future episodes could just be normal space travel cum green exploding aliens. Nightmares are so common. I get them. You get them. Aliens (other than my sweet self) are less common.


One response to “Adequate company

  1. This is another comment which should be with the Victor Jara post but I am in a rush and wanted to make a comment: Mario Vargas Llosa just won the Nobel Prize in Literature. It’s been pointed out that he campaigned for Pinochet’s party in today’s Chilean election. So, I won’t be popping any champagne corks or reading any of his books, given this and other horrible policies he’s supported. Just thought I’d let you know.
    And, yes, lots of us 60’s folks are around, still active; I see many all of the time and there are many across the country in many organizations. However, luckily I also see a lot of younger folks around, out there, opposing war and pushing to defend public education and stop college tuition hikes, etc. Yes, word may not get out but there’s action over here in the states, on many issues–international and local, including support for the Latin American countries involved in social change and improving conditions for poor and working people.
    Best wishes,
    Kathy D.

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